Episode 43

Reed talks with his guest Adri of the Dead about Aquabats and how an image can go viral in good and bad ways.

Episode 42

Reed & his guest Madeleine Flores talk about comics, cartoons and cats.

Episode 41

Reed and guest Shivana Sookdeo talk about comics and Tumblr.

Episode 40

Reed and guest Sfé R. Monster talk about queer comics.

Episode 39

Reed, Terry and Colin talk about Rose City Comic Con and Reed’s visit to Portland.

Episode 38

Reed and Dave Valeza talk Digimon  and graduate art school

Episode 37

Reed and Andrew Kolb talk about how Florida and Australia wants to kill you. Also gallery shows.

Episode 36

Reed Hamish and Lydia talk about Dr Who!

Episode 35

Reed talks with Cory Godbey about Cory’s work and about personal projects.