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I was commissioned to create a series of illustrations for the Adam Male Blog (NSFW) to create illustrations based on five well known fairy tales re-envisioned using gaymers in…


“Come and let us visit Peace, When struggles, triumphs, building cease, Let us laugh and let us weep, Then, like the giants, let us sleep.”


“Dear Pout, so sour ever after, Missing joy and raucous laughter, A boiling heart and frigid head, But we’re enjoying, in your stead”


“Isolation’s island keep, In sequestered, troubled sleep, Were you forced to be alone, Or did you choose this, On your own?”


“Shelter hold us to your breast, Peaceful in protective rest, We are always yours to keep, So we shall serenade your sleep”


“Giant hands, so filled with light, Something, hidden, shining bright, Does one dare discover what, Since even Secret’s eyes are shut?”


“Laugh and feast and sing and drink, Resplendent night to pleasure seek, Honk and yell and bang and chime, Upon splendiferious Sublime”

Comfort and Sorrow

“Comfort loving, Sorrow weep, Waters rush in mournful sleep, What has caused your heart to break? And is it mended, if you wake?”